Now that solar can finally compete with fossil fuels in the American energy marketplace, one German company, SolarWorld, threatens to set back decades of progress. The American solar industry – and the 140,000+ jobs it supports – is jeopardized by SolarWorld’s protectionist trade petition, which would kill jobs and raise the price of solar energy for all Americans.

Join the majority of the solar energy industry in the fight to protect our solar future.

The Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy welcomes companies who wish to join, make public their name, and agree to the following statement:

Global competition is making affordable solar energy a reality in America and around the world. SolarWorld’s action to block or dramatically curtail the free trade of solar panels and solar panel components places that goal at risk. Protectionism harms the future of solar energy in America and negatively impacts consumers, ratepayers, and over 140,000 American solar jobs. We are committed to growing a domestic solar industry, promoting innovation, and making solar an affordable option for all Americans.

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